Upgrade your business today!
Upgrade your business today!


Keep a professional presence while outside of the office with our business mobile app.
It makes your cell phone a two in one device; a personal and business phone all-in-one! 
When you call or text using our business cell app your caller ID reflects that you’re calling from your business, keeping you in business when your out of the office.
Send and receive text messages to/from any U.S. number using your Business number; send group texts within your account; and send texts from your main company number.*


Link your business phone number to your mobile device through the mobile app. Using the mobile app, you and your employees can make and receive business calls—and even make video calls—while you remain integrated with the full business phone system.


The Business Cloud mobile app is a business phone app you can use on your smartphone. 

The Business Cloud mobile app is easy to use. Just download and get started. With the Business Cloud mobile app, you can enable a productive “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy and let employees keep their business and personal accounts separate without having to switch devices.

*Data charges may apply to mobile app usage depending upon your mobile plan.


  • Works with Android™ phones and iOS devices. It’s so easy to use, you’ll instantly see why this is a workplace app like no other.
  • Experience the unified inbox. View all messages sent to your private or business number—together in one feed—and enjoy intuitive navigation. Opens every time you launch the app.
  • Send and receive business text messages. Text to/from any U.S. number using your Business number; send group texts within your account; and send texts from your main company number.
  • Use instant messaging. Communicate with team members privately or in group conversations.
  • Make video calls. Connect via real-time video with anyone on your account, and easily switch from an audio call to video call, and back. Works with Business Cloud Mobile App version 4.1 or higher.
  • Share image attachments with team members across your Business Cloud account.
  • Keep personal and business phone use separate. Integrates mobile employees with the robust calling features they enjoy in the office.
  • Maintain a professional business presence from wherever you’re working where broadband is available.
  • Save business contacts. And access them within your Business mobile account.

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