Upgrade your business today!
Upgrade your business today!

Phone System Feature List:


  1. Transfer calls Transfer calls to any phone inside or outside the office, including cell phones!
  1. Enhanced Voicemail ServiceNever miss another voicemail again!

Direct your voicemail to go anywhere, including:

desk phone, cell phone, and/or email.

  1. Auto AttendantStreamlining your budget? Utilize the auto attendant feature by eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist.

Full customization to meet your business needs

  • Customized business greeting
    • create your own through our Greeting Manager or take advantage of our internal voice talents (at no additional cost to you)
  • Customized call path (options for routing customer calls)
  1. Cell phone integrationUsing our cell phone app will allow you to make outgoing calls displaying your office phone number instead of your cell phone number on Caller ID’s.  You’ll also have the ability to transfer calls and place clients on hold and they'll even hear your office music on hold! Learn more at: Mobile App
  2. Simultaneous Ring: You’re desk handset and cell phone can ring at the same time.  Whichever device you answer first will get the call. 
  3. On hold callers: Callers will hear your choice of music or your professional company message.  Can be changed in real time anytime, any time.
  4. Toll Free: Your incoming toll free number will be one low-cost flat rate of $19.95.  No more "per minute" costs!
  5. Long Distance Calling: Free unlimited nationwide calling, plus free calls to Canada.  Incredible international rates.  Call for details.
  6. Music On HoldThe telephone system comes with standard music on hold or you can upload your preference of music or message.
  7. Marketing Analysis: Assign a marketing campaign a different telephone number so you can micro manage your advertising by inbound call usage.  Make a change to your advertising and analyze the results.  Call for more details on this awesome feature.
  8. Connects remote locations, at home staff and mobile staff all under your new Cisco telephone system.
  9. Each user will have a minimum of 3 telephone lines, a direct dialed telephone number, independent voicemail, and customizable settings like simultaneous ring to cell phone, call screening, etc.
  10. Web Portal: The web portal gives you real time control over call management & features.  You can change the auto attendants after hours answering, change the music on hold, block international calls, and even see who’s on the phone with whom & for how long!
  11. Easily scalable: There are no limits to how many handsets that can be added to your new telephone system. 
  12. Standard Features: All standard features such as caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling etc. are included.
  13. Home Office:  Order a second phone and we’ll program it to be an exact copy of your office desk phone at no extra monthly cost!  There’ll be no difference between you sitting at your desk at the office or working from home.  When calls come in both phones will ring at the same time qne whichever one you answer gets the call.  Make calls from your home and your business number displays on caller ID's.


And so much more!



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