Upgrade your business today!
Upgrade your business today!

Easy and Seamless Setup

(1) Review your needs with one of our consultants 

How you are currentlly using your office phone system and how we can improve your overall office communications and professional look.


Cost savings per month.



(2) PREPARE your account



Once your order is processed, we will immediately start preparing your account.


Our Porting Team will begin transferring your existing phone numbers to your new account with Palm Beach Telephone Company. 


(3) ACTIVATE new service


When you are ready, service will be activated, and billing is initiated. You will not pay for service if you are waiting for phones to arrive or running out a contract with your former service provider.


As a customer of Palm Beach Telephone Company, we will help you get the most from your new phone system and services.

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About Us:

We are a local telephone company providing an array of today's most sophisticated business communication services.


See how the professionals at Palm Beach Telephone can make your business even BETTER!